Kingspan TEK® Building System

What is the Kingspan TEK® Building System


Kingspan TEK® is a Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction system, based on a traditional timber frame but using SIPs technology with insulated panels which are connected using a unique jointing system.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System comprises 142mm thick Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) of varying sizes which are used for both walls and roofs, connected together using a simple spline jointing method. Intermediate floors are created using solid, open web or I-beam joists with dense chipboard decking.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System can be used to construct buildings of up to 4 storeys in height.

The panels consist of a high performance rigid urethane insulation core, sandwiched between two layers of Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3).The core and boards are autohesively bonded using a blowing agent which has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential. This autohesive process provides a reliable and superior adhesion which can be proved and calculated – something which other manufacturers of SIPs panels may not be able to achieve.

Therefore the Kingspan TEK® Building System panels themselves are a structural composite. This composite and its assembly provide stiffness, strength with reliable and predictable responses which can, in turn, be applied to loads and structural calculations.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is recognised by many of the leading building warrantee providers such as Building Life Plans, NHBC, Homebond and Zurich Municipal. It also holds a British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certification.


Design Flexibility


The design flexibility of this method of construction leaves ample scope for both individual and complex designs.

The building is drawn and engineered by a SIPs specialist and the panels are designed using 3D computer software. The panels are fabricated ‘off-site’ to match the design specifications and a complete kit is delivered to site ready for erection by a qualified team, personally trained by Ovolo.

The TEK® System can be used for all elements of a build or part thereof.

For example, the Kingspan TEK® Building System (KTBS) can be used for both load bearing and non-load bearing walls internally and externally, roofs and incorporating floors up to four storeys, or just the roof over a masonry structure. The panels, being lightweight in comparison to traditional masonry, (maximum 25kg/m/sq) can be used to extend upwards on an existing structure – and where heavy constructions are not possible. Being of relative weight the system can be used in awkward and difficult locations where delivery of traditional materials could be difficult. As with any construction method including masonry, a long lasting external weather proof finish to walls and roof is also required when using the system.

Note; this system is not suitable for damp or high humidity environments such as basements and cellars.

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